Sales conditions

1- Overall: The contracts and orders concluded with the company Ibáñez Extrusoras SL (IE henceforth), shall be ruled by the presents sales terms and conditions (TCS henceforth). Any possible modification, even partial, will need to be additionally agreed in writing. Therefore, any other purchases & sales terms and conditions will be void for contract duties and legal binding if not previously accepted by IE. The customer will be considered informed about these TCS when be delivered attached with the quotation and / or notified through the web page of IE. These TCS will be considered fully accepted when the customer places the order to IE without stating any written objection.

2- Intellectual property: The drawings, technical documents and software related to the product manufactured by IE and submitted to the customer belong to IE and / or his suppliers. This information may not be used for any other purpose than that for which they were provided without IE permission, nor copied neither given to third parties.

3- Notifications: Communications of any kind (orders, modifications, claims, complaints, etc.) only shall be valid when directed to IE in writing, in Spanish language (Spanish speaking countries) or English (other countries).

4- Contract Scope: The contract scope will be that specified by IE through its quotation and order acknowledgment. No further services could be claimed as involved in the contract if it does not include them. Brochures, catalogues, prices list and any other marketing material only are indicative information and as such, are not binding for the vendor.

The quotations and sales proposals formulated by IE will have a validity of 30 days from the date of emission. Later on without the customer approval, they will automatically loose its validity.

Technical specifications about the features of the machinery delivered by IE only will constitute a liability for the vendor when those are stated in the previous quotation and order acknowledgment.

It shall not be included free of charge, any service like machinery start up, staff training, production advice, etc. if it is not specified in the order acknowledgment.

When it was not stated in the contract, will not be included in our supply:

                - Civil works, for machinery foundation, pipes and cables channelling, etc.

                - Electrical supply line to our machine, properly protected.

                - Working area lighting

                - Water pipes, compressed air tubes & electrical conduits to our machine and from our machine by the floor.

                - Water chillers

                - Supporting framework (tower and platform) for the haul-off

                  - Acustic and thermal isolation of our machinery, pipes, etc

To do the assembly, the customer should provide:

                - Crane, hoists or any other elevation means that can be needed.

                - Oil and lubricant for gear-boxes and meshes for the screen-filter

                - Proper raw materials to commission the machine and perform the acceptance test.

                - Expert staff to manage the machine.

When agreed with the customer, any change in the assembling (of location, dimension, shape, etc.) from our technical drawings, the customer should provide the means to do it, as tools, soldering machines, even external workshops.


5- Prices: Unless otherwise indicated, contractual prices are intended EXW (Inco terms 2000) IE, excluding packaging costs and insurances, in EURO currency. After the order acceptance, the price and payment conditions shall be considered fixed unless additional agreement. Whether the buyer does not fulfil his payment duties agreed in the contract, IE shall be entitled to delay or / and cancel the delivery of the goods and services. Any complain stated by the buyer to IE should be attended swiftly and diligently by the IE staff, but this will not be accepted as a reason to delay or cancel the pending payments.

6- Terms of delivery: The delivery time shall begin the moment the down-payment is received and / or confirmed the irrevocable L/C payable at sight, opened in the name of IE in a major Spanish Bank and confirmed by the same Bank. The delivery time shall be linked with the proper shipment of the documentation required to the customer like the lay-out of the machinery, electrical cabinets location, pipes cable-trunking location, etc, within the agreed timing. The customer delays in fulfilling his contractual duties could bring a delay with the delivery of the IE equipment, and even could be a reason to cancel of the order. IE shall be able to delay the time of delivery without contractual consequences, when it was due to Major Force like floods, earthquakes, transportation strikes, etc, as disposed in the 1.105 article of the Spanish Civil Code.

Delivery will be understood as effected by IE at all effects, when IE has sent the equipments to the buyer or to the forwarder or to the haulage company. IE does not accept any penalty for delaying the delivery unless explicit statement. In this case, it will not exceed the 5% of the contract value.

When the machinery shipment is agreed that be made by our customer, If the customer fails to pick the materials within 30 days from our notice of “goods ready for shipment”, then IE is entitled to follow the procedure of order cancellation by customer fault, who will lose all his rights to the machinery and payments advanced to IE.



7- Customer duties for assembling and start up: The customer shall provide all the supplies and services no specified in the IE quotation, like for instance: projects, permissions and legal licences, electrical and pneumatic main line with its full protection, civil works, crane services to unload and assembly the machinery, lighting and safe working conditions over the working area, plastic raw material to make the test and start-up of the machinery delivered by IE, etc.

The client is obliged to put qualified staff to operate the machinery and equipment delivered by IE, in the commissioning period when this staff shall receive the technical training, and later through the full operational life of the machinery. It is as well a customer responsibility, to provide a proper coordinator with the IE staff, able to follow the technical explanations, electrical and mechanical drawings, pipes layouts, operating manuals, in order to may solve most of the more common problems which could appear in the process.

IE strongly advices to the customer to acquire the recommended spare parts and also to its staff to follow a proper training with the equipment to avoid down times and damages.

8- Safe working conditions: The customer is the responsible that all the enterprises participants in the machinery assembling and start up, fulfil all the safety regulations according with the local legislation of the country. The customer will provide to the IE staff adequate working conditions, like temperature, personal safety, transports, etc.

Otherwise, IE is entitled to postpone temporarily the assembling, take back home his staff and even to cancel the commissioning, with no contract responsibility for that. Furthermore, the customer should compensate the expenses for that reasons.

IE delivers with his machinery and equipments the CE declaration of conformity which is related to the proper operation of safety devices, emergency stops, etc, which must be kept operational by the customer through the entire life of the machinery.


9- Machinery reception: It is a customer duty to do the reception of the machinery and equipment sent by IE with or without acceptance trials, within 15 days since the start up (if ordered) or within 60 days since the delivery, with the full approval and acceptance of the Product or pointing out the defects found in the acceptance protocol. IE shall answer within a week indicating if the solution of those defects corresponds to IE, and shall send to the customer a plan to mend them.

 Alter that, the machinery will be considered fully delivered and accepted by the customer. Then will start the warranty period. When the customer declines to be present in the trials, the IE staff shall fill the acceptance protocol.

Anyway, the machinery shall be considered accepted after 30 days running without any written claims from the customer.


10- Assembling & commissioning: When this service be included in the contract, it will follow the next rules:

- The customer ought to place the different parts of our machinery next to the right place, thus our assembling technician shall perform the alignment, levelling and final adjustment afterwards.

- All civil works and supplies as electrical line, compressed air, water etc., will be ready for connecting with our machinery at the arrival of our technician

- The production test will be performed for no more than two different orders, each one with its kind of materials, line speed, thickness, width, etc., according with the specifications bided.

- When those tests were not made totally or partially by reasons alien to ours, IE will consider the machine fully delivered and tested for contractual purposes. If our technicians have to come back to do it, will be at customer expenses.


11- Products returns: IE is not obliged to accept the return of the products sent to the customer, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Any costs arising therefore shall be at the expense of the customer.


12- Warranty: IE warrants the proper operation of his machinery and equipments for 12 months. This period starts when the machinery is commissioned or after 3 months of vendor delivery. Warranty covers the replacement of defective materials and labour cost but not travelling and accommodation expenses, which shall be paid by the customer.

The customer agrees to use the Products sold by IE, in full compliance with the safety standards set by the IE.

The application of the guarantee service extends the warranty period of the faulty components by 6 additional months. It shall be excluded of warranty the damage due to natural wear out by service, misuse of the machinery or equipments, repairs made by operators beyond to IE, unsuitable environment and /or working conditions.

When the IE staff be required to provide technical assistance, it shall be applied the current fees for technical service if it is not covered by the warranty.

IE shall not accept any charge from thirds parts that could perform any role in repairing and / or maintaining its machines. Furthermore, this intervention could make void the warranty.


13- Liability limits: It is IE responsibility the direct damages that could come from the negligent behaviour of its staff and / or breaches in the contract fulfilment, but shall not have any liability by indirect damages like, among others, income loss due to machine stops, tares increase, energy waste, loss of contracts, etc. In any case, the highest liability of IE shall be limited to the total value of the order.

14- Confidentiality: IE shall be bound to keep confidential, for ten years since the order date, and to do not disclose without written authorization, the data provided by the customer related with the quotation, order and supply. Moreover, IE has the commitment to use these data only to improve the service given to its client.

15- Staff trips: When the order involves assembling and / or commissioning by IE staff in the client facilities, the following regulations shall be applied:                                        

  • When accommodation and feeding be provided by the customer, this will be of middle / high quality near of the working place, with proper transportation means from and to the hotel.
  • The IE staff is not obliged to carry working days longer than 10 hours per day, neither to work or travel in holidays and Sundays.
  • The company IE shall be entitled to refuse sending its operators to countries considered dangerous, for their geopolitical circumstances at the moment.


16- Ownership transference: IE constitutes the Domain Reservation Right over all the machinery sold, in such a way that, until the total payment of the same, will be his property; Obliging the buyer to Notify any Embargo, cargo or encumbrance that may fall on it; As well as not to change it from the place of assembly without prior written authorization of IE; Expressly forbidden its sale, transmission or assignment of use until the total payment of its price. Failure to comply will give rise to criminal proceedings. If the price is not paid in full within the terms established in the contract, the seller IE will have the right to disassemble and recover the machinery sent without any reason for any claim by the customer. The customer would lose all payments made to date.

17- Applicable law and court: The contract in all effects is governed by the Spanish law, therefore the customer accepts that only the court of Valencia is entitled to resolve any legal dispute between IE and the customer.

About us

IBAÑEZ EXTRUSORAS. Is a brand of reference established in 1979, initially dedicated to manufacturing extrusion and co-extrusion machine heads. Today, it is an indisputable point of reference in the manufacturing of extrusion machinery, both in single layer and multi-layer a high quality affordable WORLDWIDE supplier.


Flexibility for IBAÑEZ is the capacity to adapt our designs to the needs of the client, equipping the machines with whatever it needs in order to achieve its objectives within high quality and reasonable price standards.

Our multilayer lines can incorporate advanced characteristics such as grooved alimentation, VISCO screws, gravimetric control, solid or liquid dosage (PIB), automatic changer, oscillating haul-off, IBC, automatic thickness control, etc.

Our production lines can incorporate advanced characteristics such as grooved alimentation, VISCO screws, gravimetric control, solid or liquid dosage (PIB), automatic screen changer, oscillating haul-off, IBC, thickness control, etc.


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