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About us

IBAÑEZ EXTRUSORAS. Is a brand of reference established in 1979, initially dedicated to manufacturing extrusion and co-extrusion machine heads. Today, it is an indisputable point of reference in the manufacturing of extrusion machinery, both in single layer and multi-layer a high quality affordable WORLDWIDE supplier.


Flexibility for IBAÑEZ is the capacity to adapt our designs to the needs of the client, equipping the machines with whatever it needs in order to achieve its objectives within high quality and reasonable price standards.

Our multilayer lines can incorporate advanced characteristics such as grooved alimentation, VISCO screws, gravimetric control, solid or liquid dosage (PIB), automatic changer, oscillating haul-off, IBC, automatic thickness control, etc.

Our production lines can incorporate advanced characteristics such as grooved alimentation, VISCO screws, gravimetric control, solid or liquid dosage (PIB), automatic screen changer, oscillating haul-off, IBC, thickness control, etc.


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